We are recruiting incredible people to run for Congress in 2018 and beyond in a unified campaign behind a single plan to fix our government and our country.

Justice Democrats are selfless leaders from all walks of life and all areas of our economy and society, representing every community. We want a Congress that looks like America (and America does not look like a bunch of wealthy lawyers). We’re looking for people who:

  • Are respected in their communities with a track record of service in their jobs, neighborhoods, religious organizations, charities, etc.
  • Have a history that shows they won’t sell out in DC, because many of their life choices have put others in front of their self interest
  • Agree with the Justice Democrats platform. They need to believe that America already has everything it needs to fix our economy, our healthcare system, our schools and our justice system — and that we can just do it if we have people in office who aren’t just catering to corporations
  • Will be strong fighters who will fight for big change and will not buckle under pressure
  • Are non-dogmatic, optimistic people who believe the American people can build our country by working together
  • Do not have any disdain or condescension for any group of Americans and have a high level of empathy
  • Are good at what they do
  • Are trusted by the people they currently serve
  • Are not people who have spent a life in politics for the sake of advancing their own position
  • Are ideally someone involved in doing work that actually keeps our country going: nurses, teachers, engineers, workers, moms and dads, social workers, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, managers, etc.
  • Have the skills that would make them good candidates against experienced incumbents — they’ve got to be able to talk, and to develop a grasp of all the major issues affecting their district
  • Represent their district and will be someone people in their district can relate to and trust

Remember, we are not looking for self-nominations! If you can’t find one person who would nominate you for office, you probably don’t have a future in politics ;)

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