Rana Abdelhamid

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A child of working-class immigrants who grew up in Astoria, Queens, Rana Abdelhamid has dedicated her life to protecting her neighbors and community when politicians fail to act. After being assaulted for wearing a hijab at age 16, Rana launched Malikah, a nonprofit that builds power for women and girls from marginalized backgrounds through self-defense, healing, and organizing. Rana attended New York City public schools and watched her parents work every day — and most nights — to achieve the American dream for her family. Her dad owned and operated a neighborhood deli, but over time, rising rent forced him to take on a second job as a cab driver at night just to pay the bills. And eventually, he had to close his shop completely. Gentrification also impacted her home, forcing Rana’s family to move six times over the course of her childhood, caught between poor housing conditions and the continued rise of rent. Now, Rana is running for Congress on a bold vision of housing justice and economic security for all so that the people who power New York can afford to live, work, and thrive in the city.